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LibertyLioness 1 week ago

Disgusting! Why does our society insist on teaching people that killing and eating animals is the right thing to do? It's NOT! We don't even have the teeth or digestive tract that cats and other meat eating animals do. It's absurd and stupid. Not to mention that we now know (yes, proven) that meat and dairy cause cancer and diabetes 2. See "The China Study" and https://www.drfuhrman.com/ and there are many, many more doctors who agree.

rektspec 1 week ago

Killing animals for food IS the right thing to do in this dispensation. Killing for other reasons is not justified. So says the Creator God YHWH to Noah when he exited the ark. It will change in Christ's millenial reign but that has not happened yet. If you want to debate the Creator's stance on vegetarianism ask me, I will quote you biblical scriptures.


whatup yall its fuzzy, like to make vids more updates to come
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