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Dave Make America Great Again Infowars
1 month ago 3,530 views

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 1 month ago

Hmm, never thought of it like that but makes sense, don't it?

Kween 1 month ago

This is the third time around for this quote since I've been here...but I think it could go around at least once a week as it compacts the emotion of our positions in a philosophical yet simply profound truth.

Sepley 1 month ago

Even they get it!

caltrop * 4 weeks ago

isn't there a dalai lama quote that is almost 2A, promoting gun use for defense

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TangoMike 1 day ago

Why not just say "Muslim" or "Muslims"?

brianbonner 1 day ago

Right, because we ARE in a war with islam! I am against PC labels.

TangoMike * 1 day ago

Yeah. I try not to ask fake questions unless it is adversarial. I really would like to know the cause. There may be a sound reason.

Example: there is a distinction between saying that something/someone is heretical, vs. saying that something is heresy or a person is a heretic.

If such is the case here, then I'd like to know their criteria for distinguishing between "Islamic/ist" and "Islam/Muslim"

Odds are though, it's more Jedi mind trickery, which should be hated and exposed, as well as the venues and sources for same.

Another Q:How and why YouTube? May as well be Soviet media.

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