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LibertyLioness 1 day ago

Time for Votable to let us add video channels!

Yuki 1 day ago

There's Minds too. Bearing's on it.

LibertyLioness 1 day ago

Oooh. Hadn't seen that one. Will check it out:

hearthwench 20 hours ago

I just subbed. Seems to have vid sections. It seems similar to Votable, yes? Still like BitChute better for vids. The streaming is nice and they are getting a wide range of people there. VidMe seems to be more for the gamer type and young so far.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 1 day ago

Minds is beautifully rendered. Full Screen, wide expanses used efficiently. Lacks a certain rebel rousing character like Votable, but very professional GUI. AND it's freely available, so one could upload to their favourite server and set up their own Social Net. But it seems the days of Reddit are numbered with all these News Aggregators cum Discussion Forums.

LibertyLioness 19 hours ago

I got very frustrated with Minds. Went back to add a good avatar to my new account and can't find any way to do so. Looks like I'm stuck with what they gave me cause I didn't change it during sign up. Can't find a help section either and it's not really straightforward cause I like to learn the system throughout so I know what I'm doing (at least I try!). Sidebar icons drive me crazy because I grew up with words, not icons and I can't read their mind(s)!

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 18 hours ago

It's in BETA. It can actually be used by u as your own social net (hosted by your server space AWS?). Just download the files onto your rented or your own computer server space, index. file in public_html directory and Bob's your Uncle! Maybe you can give Votable, Reddit, VOAT a run for their money!

Anyway, why don't you try my own World Social Net, LifeStir, where you can post your pics, vids, write your own blog, post forums, play games, ask questions? 600,000 hits already in 1 year without any promo!

LibertyLioness * 18 hours ago

Wow. That's pretty cool. I'll check out LifeStir. So glad so many developers are giving us ways to overcome the globalist social networks.

Shaggy5777 * 1 day ago

Here is a better name for YouTube Restricted Mode "MSM Fake News Mode"! By enabling this mode it blocks all real news and allows the #MSM to flood you with #FakeNews!

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 1 day ago

Why doesn't Votable crowdsource and set up their own server with Video Repository? Build out a small room full of hard disks and use Open Source visors to host amongst a whole load of cheap server hardware.

Edit: And get some red pilled tech heads to run the repository. I suspect the most important thing is location, where energy and rent of room is cheap, and its in a heavily red-pilled area. NOT CALI!!!

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Shaggy5777 [lead] Infowars
1 day ago 195 views

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nycookie 15 hours ago

Trump and his friends aren't afraid to stand up and fight back, more than we can say for the majority of mealy-mouth republicans

Shaggy5777 [lead] 2 hours ago

I would make one small change to your statement "more than we can say for the majority of mealy-mouth transrepublicans"
(transrepublicans are democrats that identify as republicans)


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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 2 days ago

Hmm, never thought of it like that but makes sense, don't it?

caltrop 2 hours ago

isn't there a dalai lama quote that is almost 2A, promoting gun use for defense

Kween 1 day ago

This is the third time around for this quote since I've been here...but I think it could go around at least once a week as it compacts the emotion of our positions in a philosophical yet simply profound truth.

Sepley 1 day ago

Even they get it!

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 1 day ago

Well, swamp creatures can't stand the heat, so good riddance!

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