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Jseek [V] Introductions
1 month ago 1,181 views

theres been a decent amount of spam showing up here lately. If anybody is interested in becoming a moderator / leader for the @introductions community send a message and let me know thanks!

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Censorthis007 1 month ago

I'd be interested in helping fight spam. Not sure about time though.

giaescort Introductions
8 minutes ago 11 views

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rektspec 6 minutes ago

Wow, no other phone fit enough, just iPhone? Yep, high class service!

Josanua Introductions
1 month ago 1,810 views
Howdie all, i am Josanua also from Gab. I got recommended here by my buds of the Gab Anonymous community! I hope we are all having a good time :D!

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yrmy 1 month ago

Welcome! I can't account for everybody, but I'm having a good one.

cedarnsage 1 month ago

This is a great place, far from the maddening censors...of which they are ratcheting up from what I'm seeing!!! So Welcome!!!

Megumin [mod] 1 month ago

Hello and welcome to votable! I hope you have a good time here too! :)

mwill 1 month ago

@mwill on gab, glad to see you here we can help votable grow right along with gab

roscoeellis 1 month ago


LibertyLioness 1 month ago

Welcome @Josanua! I love Votable. Gab isn't seeing as much of me any longer as a result. I hope you'll love it too. It is more interactive here and easier to see responses etc.

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Ionwhite Introductions
1 month ago 1,909 views
Suspended from Twitter 11 times in the last 24 hours. Banned from from Facebook December - February. I don't swear, post porn. I'm MAGA and So far to AltRight that I'm NS. What's a simple White Girl to do?

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Violetfire 1 month ago

You did it! You joined Votable. No censorship here unless you do it yourself with the Mute feature. Welcome. I'm glad you found us. We can use all the MAGA out there. Check out @thedonald or @politics.

Ionwhite 1 month ago

Thanks. I'm pretty extreme far right and so I'm going to see what's going on here and if I fit in.. hopefully I do.

Rebel1ne 1 month ago

You'll be fine, we keep the rules very light.

Jseek [V] 1 month ago

hey @Ionwhite getting suspended 11 times in 24 hours is quite impressive. Welcome to votable, no censorship here, unless its self censorship.

Censorthis007 * 1 month ago

That is impressive. I'm here to inform, educate & offend.

teamamerica17 1 month ago

A worthy cause

lilero * 1 month ago

Haha...welcome. So far I haven't been censored, haven't had posts removed, or been banned from Votable and I've been here four days. That's doing well for me. We may have found the perfect place for "people like us".

Ionwhite 1 month ago
rektspec 1 month ago

Quote: ....banned from Voat

I assume you mean Votable, not VOAT

lilero 1 month ago

Oh my, no wonder I get into trouble on social media, lol. I apologize for the gaff & have corrected my post. Thank you.

rektspec * 1 month ago

I know why you get banned - Look at your Username! That's gonna trigger the whole SJW, BLM movement altogether!!! Hell Yeah!

Zoie 1 month ago

Welcome to Votable, @Ionwhite ! Hope you have a wonderful time here with us! :)

Quaziphoto 1 month ago

I have been only Gab and Voteable for a long time. I banned Twatter myself! Welcome home.

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