jimmyj Star Wars
6 hours ago 140 views

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DeplorableRick [mod] 4 hours ago

That is some great sculpting skills there! Nice work! Would you share some pics and process details?

jimmyj Motivation
1 week ago 158 views

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Ruewen 1 week ago

I love it,

Kween * 1 week ago

...but, but, but..we do have the control. Operative word is we. Personally, I think we have the power to change everything....that power lies in participation. When you think about it...all the so called elites, hidden-hands, globalists etc..are far less IN NUMBER than the ordinary citizen. far less!
TOGETHER we posses the power of participation - which is why the duality paradigm is played over and over again so we remain separated and out of power. They fear that power. Know this-- WE could change EVERYTHING--TOMORROW!

LibertyLioness 1 week ago

So true!


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