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LibertyLioness * 1 day ago

Wow! Just Wow!

ANNT [lead] 1 day ago

this world is so sick and for me the sickening feeling i get when i see things like this , but what bothers me more is that most of society finds this kind of behavior acceptable. it is apparent that this sickness starts at the top where the money is, i can see that there is going to be trouble with this, i know that there are fathers out there who would die to keep their family safe i can see a lot of death in the near future with families protecting their own.

joefox reposted TheGoldwater Make America Great Again
1 day ago 175 views has just broken the news that Johnston Wilson McGill, Hillary Clinton's assistant,has been found dead.

McGill, 34, was pronounced dead by a private doctor after apparently suffering from a heart attack. He reportedly died on his couch at home. His death was reportedly attributed by the doctor to natural causes.

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LibertyLioness 1 day ago

How many heart attacks have Clinton associates had now? More Foxglove I suspect! Just like Scalia.

Violetfire [lead] 1 day ago

Something's fishy with this story. I saw this about McGill about 2 weeks ago and I believe I posted it. Why are all the articles now have a Fridays date of 4/21? All of the Articles I read 2 weeks ago are the same except they all have the new date.

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Violetfire [mod] 2 days ago

This is disgusting. Hey Alex Jones. Pizzagate Is REAL.


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