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deadpool Jokes
23 hours ago 210 views

'Can you go down to the store, and get a gallon of milk, and if they have eggs, get 6.'
Later on he returns home and she looks at his purchases and says 'Why the fuck do you have 6 gallons of milk?'
He responded 'They had eggs.'

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LibertyLioness 23 hours ago

Yep. I once sent my hubby to the store to get flour and corn tortillas and he came home with flour tortillas and can of corn! Lesson learned: Husbands ALWAYS need a list.

TangoMike * 23 hours ago

Even the sexes' respective takes on something like this differ diametrically.

Example: to you it is a list. I'll bet that a large if not entire func of said list for the mate is for the purpose of ACCOUNTABILITY.

No more "S/he said..."

LibertyLioness 23 hours ago

Nah. Actually, I laughed! And, understood.

TangoMike 22 hours ago

And you laughed? Yikes...

j/k... I hope.

TangoMike * 23 hours ago

Brilliant simplicity. Truth in humor. RIP Grammar and syntax.

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