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Shmuel78 3 hours ago

A disturbing aspect indeed. Be very careful about trotting of to a physician/psychiatrist etc re stress. Unintended consequences might occur. Like going on a gun control database. Or even a driver's licence prohibition database (the excuse being that all these vehicular jihad incidents are due to perps with "mental health problems" --so "something must be done" --and you can be sure it won't be to stamp down on Moon-worshippers)

keithaBrownell [mod] * 1 day ago

**Important Information here: This video from one of our newest members @EpiHope, give it a listen and tell him what you think. This has some important information in it about the now defunct Ryan Care. It will make you glad this was defeated because this bill kept in the parts that allow the Government to forbid people who see a doctor for things like stress from ever owning a gun.

keithaBrownell Movies
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