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keithaBrownell [mod] 5 days ago

How much attention does one girl need?

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Violetfire 5 days ago

Yes. She knuckled him in the throat. It was deliberate. He had every right to slug her and defend himself. These women aren't like the women in my day. We would have never SLUGGED someone. Slap with an open hand maybe or if we were defending ourselves a knee to the groin. This lady was trained to assault. She deserved to get punched back.

Reziac 5 days ago

Yeah, throat-punching is not something one does by reflex or instinct (and as you say, especially not a female); it's a trained assault tactic.

hearthwench 5 days ago

I agree... but I have been in a couple of street fights as a teen. The girl hit me first, I defended myself. I do not slap, I hit "like a man", with my fist. Being a skinny thing was not bad, it made my knuckles hurt more. (ornery grin) I grew up in a small, biker/party town that was an agricultural town to anyone else looking at it. Some people became idiots when they partied. (shrug) I still cannot spit, though. "Girls do not spit" teachings still prevail at age 57. ;D

Violetfire 5 days ago

I've been in a couple of those myself in my younger years but it was always with another girl. I was smart enough not to try to fight with a man except when I was about 7 and I beat up David Johnson who had thick glasses and could barely see. I sat on him until he said uncle.

hearthwench 4 days ago


rektspec 5 days ago

Reddit says she does porn

Violetfire 5 days ago

So? What does that have to do with getting punched in the kisser? lol

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