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Minecraft Discussion Ask Votable
1 month ago 1,897 views

Hi i would like to know how to use google+ to promote my channel and in general for my advantage.I mostly use twitter for my channel and i would like to know how to use other social media.

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Megumin 1 month ago

set up a user account for g+ and get a page made for it. Include a short summary as your bio and post your content - I'd also take a look at some groups on g+ perhaps a youtubeing group or self-advertising group may be places to start.

kencysinato 1 month ago

Thank you for the advice I will take my time and see what groups I can find.

Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
1 month ago 567 views

List of bugs fixed:

  • Bug MC-114881 - Some entity block models do not render
  • Bug MC-114883 - No recipes unlocking on server
  • Bug MC-114891 - Advancement window is blank when no advastments are unlocked
  • Bug MC-114893 - Parrots being erased from existence if too many are held
  • Bug MC-114909 - Parrots' Eye Level isn't Aligned with their Model's Eyes
  • Bug MC-114933 - Parrots don't Imitate Cave Spiders
  • Bug MC-114936 - Game crashes when trying to use crafting book and items needed are in off-hand or armor slots
  • Bug MC-114937 - Parrots show hearts when clicked with wheat
  • Bug MC-115004 - "Summon the Wither" advancement checks to see if you summoned the ender dragon
  • Bug MC-115026 - Message in the chat: New recipe unlocked for minecraft
  • Bug MC-115098 - Parrots unrestricted spawning causing world to...
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AfternoonGamerYT Minecraft Discussion
3 weeks ago 345 views

Hey guys I am looking for an SMP to join as I think it would be a great experience and lots of fun! If any of you members have an SMP or details and info of one that I could join it would be greatly appreciated.
Here is my channel in case you want to check it out to see if I am a suitable member for the SMP.

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