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Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
3 weeks ago 6,633 views

You enter a world. You stare into the vast distance as the sun casts its rays onto the blocky world below. Sunlight trickles its way through the thick leaves of a nearby great oak tree. You feel alive in this world.

- Me

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Create a Minecraft picture that sends shivers down your spine and encapsulates your whole self. Putting you there. In the world. Living it.
Whether it be one of wonder & awe about the possibilities of this new world or one of trepidation for what's in store.


The competition will last 2 weeks. Submissions can be done any way you want.
You can make your own Minecraft community post with your picture. That way we can have lots of beautiful pictures on the front pages. Don't forget to tag or message me.
Winner will have their post pinned.

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RussianAfroMan [mod] 1 week ago
KaosMC [mod] 1 week ago

O.O holy cheerios. Gg man

Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
1 day ago 187 views

1.12 is shaping to to be a great update for custom map makers and vanilla modders!

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Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
2 months ago 6,039 views

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HunterPlayz Minecraft Discussion
1 month ago 15,133 views

Just trying to see if there are any other Minecraft tubers who are looking to join an SMP. Must be at least 16 and have a channel (in case that wasn't obvious).

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