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ericbarbwire Minecraft Mods
2 weeks ago 381 views

This Minecraft plugin tutorial is centered around the Bukkit plugin "Parkour" created by A5H73Y. This tutorial shows how to set up maps, lobbies, and overview of basic configuration.
Plugin link:

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ericbarbwire Minecraft Mods
3 weeks ago 542 views

In this Minecraft Plugin Display, that changes up the MC PVP experience, the plugin adds in a wealth of new arrows that have chemical and elemental effects!
Plugin link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/alchemical-arrows

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Yosgscast Minecraft Mods
1 month ago 6,571 views

After taking some time away form making Minecraft modpacks, I decided to update TechMagic to 1.10.2. Get it on Curse at https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/techmagic-reborn

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foofoofighter Minecraft Mods
10 months ago 5,849 views

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DefyingPeace 10 months ago

This resource is fricking beautiful!
How long have you been working on it?

captiansparkelz 10 months ago

Raises the question if realism is a good thing for Minecraft.... still pretty sick though.

CoopDizzleMC [mod] 10 months ago

I think it's amazing. When it runs smoothly it definitely increases my immersion. It's too bad this pack isn't updated for 1.9.2, but I hope they keep working on it. I can't wait to see what they do with the other textures. That's probably my favorite looking high res pack. Most of the others I've tried have been okay, but haven't blown me away. Maybe they just didn't suit my build style.

mearrin69 10 months ago

That definitely looks good. I use a modern pack when I want to do modern building design and, generally, Faithful for playing because it looks like Vanilla just with more detail. I don't have anything against photo-real texture packs but I don't tend to use them because hi-fi textures on lo-fi geometry doesn't look all that great to my tastes.

mearrin69 10 months ago

I love, BTW, the old-texture door in there. Really shows the difference.

ElysianCastaic 10 months ago

Because netherack wasn't already tough to be around... they had to go and make it slimy and wiggling... -shiver- But seriously, beautiful texture pack. Can't wait to try it out.

Ac3dUd3 10 months ago

this is pretty awesome and ill be getting it when its finished :D
another awesome pack i use is Realistico https://matteorizzo.me/realistico/

TrickyPiston 10 months ago

This is crazy dude. This is stuff that looks like it comes from unreal engine 4
Can't wait to use it myself

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