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GruvaGuy Minecraft Projects
4 hours ago 120 views

Hi this is my 14 village self stacking Iron Farm tutorial. This is designed to be a reasonably simply build with high output. Just enough for an SSP, it'll produce about 9 stacks of ingots per hour.

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LimeTigerTv Minecraft Projects
4 days ago 298 views

Hey guys, Its Scornn (aka LimeTigerTv), I know I haven't been active for a while, but I've come back with a new server for you guys hope you enjoy and come say hi!

Server: primalcraft.mcalias.com


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Minecraft Projects
5 days ago 536 views

So ages ago I posted some information on here about my map and resource pack. I stopped working on that for ages but I can now say it is back in progress and better than ever. Let's just say at 30% completion my resource pack hit the shelves on the 'What's Hot' section on Planet Minecraft. If anyone would like photos of my resource pack or my map just ask.

Also if you could I would like some ideas for a few puzzles for my map and things I could build on it.

(Also check out my server: Minenods.ddns.net:25571) (1.11)

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nods0123 5 days ago

Also I'm going to be on Votable again as I took a huge break as, I'm sorry, I forgot about this place.

Mihro_ [lead] 5 days ago

Welcome back. Haven't seen you before. I'd love to know about your resource pack.

nods0123 2 days ago

You can see more info/pictures/download it here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/darkness-flies/


EC Productions is a creative building server with a focus on creating a beautiful, "functional" world for a series of Minecraft animations.

But we need builders! A lot of out work has been on hold lately because of school or work etc. Others have just moved on.

But the server continues. We need cities, towns, camps, roads, ships, trains, everything!

We have a completely custom world now! 10k x 10k built by WarriorGames. This is a beautiful environment to work in. Our writing team is hard at work setting up lore for the build team to follow for the building styles.

Medieval Fantasy is the name of the game.

If you are interested, either pm me directly or join our discord server: https://discord.gg/dzbZpAY

Hop in our Applicant chat and tell me a bit about yourself, show me some work, and we'll see about getting you into our plot world...

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nods0123 5 days ago

Eh, I would try and help you guys, but I'm pretty busy myself and I have my own server, map and resource pack I need to take care of so... sorry.

ElysianCastaic 4 weeks ago

We still need builders! Don't be shy!

GrandPixelMan 3 weeks ago

Is it a medieval style server or does it also use modern styles

ElysianCastaic 3 weeks ago

It's very medieval. Medieval Fantasy to be more precise with a slightly realistic feel. Basically a mix of Lord of the Rings and Warcraft.

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