mrdad4sure Minecraft Videos
1 month ago 296 views

So I've hit a creative patch and am getting my series moving in the right direction. lol Enjoy.

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mrdad4sure Minecraft
1 month ago 340 views

Here's my latest vid in the series! Enjoy!

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mrdad4sure Minecraft
1 month ago 304 views

Ever have something happen that you are like, "Oh come on! Why did I do that?!" Well, that's what happened before I recorded this episode. I cleared my inventory. Yep. Feeling like a noob at that moment... then I got some inspiration. This is probably one of the better videos in my series. Something you have to actually watch to the end. :)

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mrdad4sure Minecraft Videos
1 month ago 2,976 views

I just posted my series... MMMA S3 EP3... Think I forgot to post E2. Anyhow... If none of this is familar to you... I invite you start at the beginning. :D Thanks for watching, sharing and subbing. :D


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mrdad4sure 1 month ago

Thanks for the upvotes!


So, hey... I'm mrdad4sure, have a YT with the same name where I do a series (MMMA-which is NOT Midget Mixed Martial Arts, but McMrz Minecraft Adventures... so similar and yet, not... but I digress) with my boys, Surzy_MrSure (aka Surzy) and MrE, and our friends HappyPanda831, TheStarWizard, CheetahRed, and some later to be named. We also run a DadsRFunny Fan Server. So yea. Feel free to check it all out. Our server IP should be on the YT channel. :)
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