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nepherrae Music
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Zoie * 4 days ago

Awesome title! lol

nepherrae 4 days ago

thanx Zoie :)

nepherrae Music
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Zoie 1 week ago

I don't wanna grow up, I just want to be a Toys R Us kid!

nepherrae Music
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Hello fellow pseudo-humans. To introduce myself I simply will say, I am me. Labels are a lazy way to categorize people into a simplistic symbol. I have a great love and respect for all types of art. Music and culinary are my strongest passions, both experiencing and creating. I plan to put some of my recorded songs on this site soon and I hope they will get some listens and shares, but most of all I hope they will bring out emotions and thought in the listener. My music is under the names nepherrae and BadVoiceSinMyHead
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