netherstar Art
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Zoie 16 hours ago

Wow, this is awesome! The antlers are my favorite part! <3

nepherrae 1 day ago

great job, this is awesome :)

jetdrvr * 23 hours ago

That sucks! Artist on acid? Demeaning a proud, intelligent and highly dangerous animal. Where elephants walk, forests fall. I know. I've been there many times. Eles don't need antlers. Piss off a cow with a calf, she'll use her trunk to grab you by a leg, slam you repeatedly against a handy tree trunk, gore you as you lie in the dirt if she has tusks, which is unlikely, and then kneel on you and convert you to library paste. Then, she may cover your corpse with leaves. Eles are nothing to fuck with.

VOSGOS 17 hours ago

Wow, you must be one of those guys with three bot followers on twitter! Troll much? STFU!!!

jetdrvr 11 hours ago

Ever been to Africa, bitch? I have. Years there. This is utter bullshit, pussy. You wouldn't last ten minutes in my world, little snowflake! Fuck off, pitiful fool!

VOSGOS 6 hours ago

Who gave this illiterate hyper- active 9-year-old an account?

nepherrae 1 hour ago

what does that have to do with the art. its an idea of what an elephant soul may look like. just because you terrified by elephants does make the art suck. it's called imagination, and you really don't need to be such a dick about it. wow u went to Africa... so what? I'm sure your a very tough and experienced individual but you don't know what others have been through cuz your too busy boasting about how you know so much more than every one and degrating them as a reflex

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netherstar Pics
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twisty58 2 weeks ago

Looks like the rain in WA!!!!

netherstar GIFs
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netherstar Counter Strike
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