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kertluck World News
11 hours ago 341 views

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LibertyVibe 7 hours ago

Liberation Theology has taken over the Catholic Church. I am no fan of Ratzinger, but there are many who believe that he is still the legitimate Pope. That his removal was a hostile takeover. This pope swooped in and removed him against his will. Many believe he is literally being held captive.

rektspec * 6 hours ago

There is a prophetic RC monk who predicted the character of the last 13 Popes including this present one. Pope Francis apparently is the last Pope. That's why I keep saying an Imam is going to take over.

LibertyVibe 2 hours ago

I am familiar with the Lady at Fatima prophecies. However, the last Pope was supposed to take the name of Peter, not Francis. Which I believe lends to the credibility that this current Pope is in fact an imposter. Ratzinger did not die, and is therefore still the legitimate Pope. If one actually subscribes to the legitimacy of these prophecies, than one could say that the last Pope has not yet been crowned.

jetdrvr 11 hours ago

He should know. He fucked little boys when he was a bishop in Argentina! Slime !

rektspec 8 hours ago

Hence the 'backsliding' pun

Sepley 4 hours ago

You have a dirty mind, I like it!

Sepley 4 hours ago

I think the catholic church is a swamp that will never be drained!

cedarnsage 1 hour ago

hence why we can now call the pope SWAMP THING

cedarnsage 11 hours ago

Too toothpaste, once it's OUT, you can't put it back in the tube (so to speak)!!!

rektspec 11 hours ago

And he just allowed an ideology which promotes child sex/marriage though the door, when he allowed weekly Mooslim prayers in Vatican. So he's building up to the NWO. Imam going to be the next Pope!

Realitypro 9 hours ago

Pope Francis' Pregnant Secretary Found Dead, Vatican Calls for Investigation - The MSM hardly mentioned this when it happened.

rektspec * 8 hours ago

Wow, this will spark off another round of impeaching the Pope and Imam take over RC Vatican!

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Sepley World News
4 hours ago 198 views

Good morning Votable, at least it's still morning where I am ! LOL As I mentioned before I track war zones and hot spots and the here for the last week I've been pretty busy updating my various scenarios. There were two interesting updates in the news today about the Middle East (ME). The first is that we apparently airlifted a force to cut off ISIS from access to their oil amongst other things. This happened in Syria and the second was even more interesting!

The Russians moved into a Kurdish controlled area that the Turks had previously bombed or shelled and we all know how much Turkey loves the Kurds! This is a not so subtle message to Erdogan which is interesting since they are supposedly allies on the same side. My personal feeling is that the Kurds are going to come out of all of this with their own homeland and that just pisses Turkey off (and others I might add).

It's possible that this move by the Russians is unstated backing for this very t...

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keithaBrownell 3 hours ago

Very interesting times, I feel like I am living inside a Ludlum novel. ITEOTWAKI AIFF

Ronsharpe 1 hour ago

You need to investigate this website!

phoenixTPR World News
48 minutes ago 5 views

What?! Oh fuck off!
London, it's time for a revolution.

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