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the US Senate has voted to permit ISPs to sell or share customers' data -- including their browsing histories -- without consent.

The vote overturns a Federal Communications Commission rule that banned such activity. While there are still legislative hoops to jump through before the result of the vote is ratified, ISPs will be rubbing their hands in glee at what the Senate has done.

The Republican-controlled House will now need to conduct its own vote on the rule before the existing rule banning the sale and sharing of such data is overturned. There is also the (very) outside chance that President Trump would decide to veto the rule, but if passage continues on its current course, ISPs will soon has a free rein to use customer data in new money-making ways -- importantly, without informing customers that they are doing so

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cedarnsage 3 weeks ago

I think that the House needs to vote this down!!! There's already enough ways of getting OUT data!!!

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"President Trump is now challenging the House and Senate intel committee heads to review the evidence of President Obama’s surveillance. How can they refuse to see the truth without exposing their political agenda?

Well played, Team Trump, well played.

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ontherocks Politics
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What's Brutally Obvious is they ALREADY KNOW what's been going on.

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