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Hey @technology ! I'm Rebel1ne, the lead mod at @thedonald and @politics ! I was recently added to the Mod team here and I'd like to talk to you about my plans here.

When I took over @thedonald & @politics they had 1186 and 116 members respectively and were effectively dead(very little activity.) Now in just over two months @thdonald is about to break 2000 and @politics just broke 800! This was accomplished using a daily twitter campaign where over 10k invitations are sent out every 24 hours.

Now I have a slot open to take on a new account and have decided to focus that effort here. I will be meeting with the other mods to develop a community twitter feed that will help pull traffic and inform our users.

My initial role will be confined to social media promotion until I get accustomed to the way this community runs.

Hope I can drive some new life into this place!

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