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jetdrvr 2 months ago

If you're a TI as I am & have been for 35 years, or if you're not, this is very informative.

Kween 2 months ago

@jetdrvr yeah...this is why I wonder why you're fighting me!

jetdrvr 2 months ago

I'm not fighting you. I trust no one. I had no idea you're a TI.

Kween * 2 months ago

Look @jetdrvr if people were aware they'd know they may need to be vigilant in even trusting themselves. Not about trust...pixel discernement. We don't know each other--especially if we attempt at AI algorithmic alteration, ie altered communication technique etc. Serious stuff going on on the planet, and most of the so-called awake people make me afraid. Not because of what is (and that is enough to make most shake in their boots), but because they think they know. They know who has a wee handle on non-compartmentalized facts...yet with all the technology it's a dying breed. Anyway....

Truth is many are TI but most don't even know it. When we know...that's a whole 'nother can of peas. On my cynical days, I think ignorance would be bliss--in fact.

jetdrvr * 2 months ago

I've been stalked, electronically tortured to this very day, burglarized for so many years on two continents, vehicles repeatedly vandalized and I still refuse to concede. (Hell, in 2005 on a hunting trip up on the Limpopo in South Africa, they put a baby green mamba in my bed. Little guy was more scared than I was. His bite would have been non-lethal). The CIA slime can kill me, but I will die standing. I'm 74, and fucking fearless. They fear me. My sniveling cunt daughter surrendered my firearms to the slimeball FBI who had no warrant nor probable cause to take them, (FBI slime is in it up to their eyeballs, cunts that they are), but I still have my blades, and I love to make them scream in agony by gutting them before I cut their throats and then piss in the hole. I love getting in their faces, shoving my Randall or other blades into their guts to the hilt and ripping their abdominal aortas to shreds all the way upward to their hearts, and watching their eyes go blank. Death is my old friend. We've bumped elbows all my life. Bring it! I'm fucking ready! No fear!

2 months ago


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