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Why are TI's Targeted? - Empowered Individuals

Gotham Nation

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hearthwench 2 months ago

One voice can waken thousands, who can waken thousands more. We DO have the power, if people would get off the programming that we are powerless. Doubt and fear are your enemy.

Kween * 2 months ago

Very Well Stated! You're Hired! In 3rd density parlance...BIG HUG!

hearthwench 2 months ago

:blush: Thanks. I do not think people realize the huge amount of positive energy that beamed everywhere during Trump rallies. It was stunning with its brilliance. That is why he was elected. It was their positive energy that blasted through. If they used it in other areas of life... Can you image what can happen? I smile at the thought of enough people waking up to what they truly are and what we can do.

Kween 2 months ago

You are most welcome my dear. And;

YES I CAN imagine. I do it daily and work toward it! To do anything in my opinion would be a waste of oxygen on a useless eater.

jetdrvr 2 months ago

After having lived as a TI for over 35 years, it is comforting to hear I'm "empowered."

2 months ago


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