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Gravy-Stuffed Biscuits - Tasty

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hearthwench [lead] 2 months ago

Interesting, though I prefer the messy version. I do have to say, those things out of a can ain't biscuits, at least, not at my house. ;D

keithaBrownell 2 months ago

My husbands family is from Georgia and I make the greasy messy version about once a month just to keep him happy. (and lots of fried food) I don't eat that stuff but keeping my husband happy is my main goal in life. Canned biscuits would be an embarrassment to me personally, it took me years of failures to be able to make pie crust or biscuits and have them turn out 'almost as good' as my mother-in-laws. Canned biscuits, Ha ha ha ha!

hearthwench [lead] 2 months ago

The secret, as you learned, is to barely handle biscuit, pie, scone, and other pastry doughs, unless part of the type being made. My mom-in-law made great-tasting hockey puck biscuits because she kneaded the dough.

I find good subs for the fried versions of foods, for the most part. Though... Frying some onions and tators in a little butter and coconut oil, then adding leftover roast for hash tonight. The fat combo I use do not leave a foul flavor or greasy food.

nepherrae 2 months ago

great twist on a classic. hand held biscuits and gravy, no mess :)

by Zoie
2 months ago



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