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The Adventure of a Lifetime - Minecraft Chest Challenge - Ep01

Hello guys William here a.k.a The Afternoon Gamer hope you all having a great day! This is my first video and the start to a great series! The chest challenge consists of having to fill up a single chest of every single Minecraft item excluding nether stars, beacons, emerald ore, and unobtainable items through survival! Hang on tight because it´s gonna be one helluva ride and I´ll catch you in the next one! Also before I go I am fundraising for The AbleGamers Charity which is a Charity dedicated to investing in technology to create and adapt consoles for disabled people! Link down below to my page if you guys want to donate! Love you Guys :D
My Fundraising page for The AbleGamers Charity (current Goal: 100$): http://bit.ly/2n5NamB
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamerAfternoon
My Discord: http://bit.ly/2mHDmvu

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