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Do you brush your dogs teeth?

Your dog's pearly whites need love, too. Most vets recommend brushing dogs’ teeth once a day. We detail how, when, and with what to clean your dog’s teeth.

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twisty58 2 months ago

I have no dog. I do, however, have a cat, he'd kill me.

keithaBrownell 2 months ago

I didn't until my chihuahua needed expensive dental surgery because of my neglect.

Kween 2 months ago

THAT is exactly what my soul sister said this morning. OMG! That's eerie almost!

hearthwench 2 months ago

I did. Stupidly got out of the habit. After her cleaning, I will take it up again. Our vet was giving away a toothpaste. Read the ingredients, handed it back and let them know the company was killing dogs. It had xyl-whatever sweetener in it, which is deadly to dogs. Great vets, but sometimes even they are not up on things.

keithaBrownell 2 months ago

We make our own we have tried many recipes and the one I like the best is Coconut oil, turmeric and parsley or kelp. The turmeric is a natural teeth whiter and the parsley is for fresh breath. But mostly I use a sock soaked in baking soda and water. The brush does not work for my dog.

Violetfire 2 months ago

I just read an article about turmeric recall due to large lead content. Might want to research

keithaBrownell 2 months ago

Good adviceI Most of those recalled were the kind of turmeric you find in the spice isle. I use the the kind you get in the supplement section and thankfully, because they are almost gone, mine are on the good list. I did dump all the ground turmeric I had in my spice drawer because who knows. The more you know the scarier it gets. Thanks.

hearthwench 2 months ago

Sally does not like turmeric. So the coconut oil and parsley or baking soda version are options. Thanks!

Violetfire 2 months ago

I love chihuahuas. I had one a long time ago but I can't imagine trying to brush his teeth. He would have never allowed it. I had a cat that ended up toothless a while back. How the heck do you brush a cat's teeth? No way. I'd be dead

DeplorableRick 2 months ago

I've tried. Doesnt work well with two boxers. Not one bit.

keithaBrownell 2 months ago

That's why I started using a sock and baking soda. My dog freaked whenever she saw the brush but she will let be put my finger in her mouth and clean her teeth. Sounds like your's need a professional.

DeplorableRick 2 months ago

Yeah, we take them to Banfield once a month for a good dental scrubbing and pawacures.

nepherrae 2 months ago


KaosMC [lead] 2 months ago

I don't have a dog. Or a cat.

2 months ago


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