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5 Star Documentary Film: Century of Self

This film may seem as though it is a huge time investment. However, there is NONE clearer about actual tactics used for influencing your decisions of what political candidate to choose. You are manipulated by answers given in surveys and influenced by the lifestyle you're told you're going to live, if....

I just saw a post on the front page and sought this film out in response to the question of "are we being manipulated by both parties"... Are you kidding that even a question?

As I recall there is very little speculation in this film that carefully reveals the who's what's where's and why's. If you remotely think you're not being manipulated by both parties, and in fact your very reality--or you want to know how they do it (and yes, the same tactics are still used)--this is the film for you.

Bernays the father of public relations was Freud's nephew (as I recall). You figure it out. It's all psychological grasshopper.

If you just can't stomach the length or you're a quick study and "get it" right away - search for How Edward Bernays Hacked Democracy gives a "taste" of who Bernays was...and how this very basic propaganda technique rules most if not all reality.

The legacy of famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud informs the lives of people throughout the world even to this day, though it's a phenomenon to which most...

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hearthwench * 1 month ago

Woof. The constant claim we are too selfish to help those in need is a lie. I see it every day. I also see the State stop people from helping each other, like feeding the hungry and homeless without their fat butts in the middle of such actions. Seriously, fines and jail for giving children lunch? Really?

This series also explains why I find myself still finding "programs" that need to be removed, just when I thought most were gone. ;D

Before I forget, I saw something in Britain from a university if I remember correctly, that the word "Housewife" is unacceptable. These women are to be called "Consumers". How appropriate, no?

hearthwench 1 month ago

Cool. Will listen tomorrow. I had a book from the 60s I passed onto my grandson about marketing and programming. I cannot remember the author. I do remember him talking about Bernays or whatever and his part in the social programming. The book did not touch on Disney, the originator of programming aimed towards children.

by Kween
1 month ago



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