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Before Trying to Fake Civilian Casualties, You May Want to Make Sure The Cameras Aren’t Rolling…

So, is it real or we being hoaxed?

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 1 month ago

Same as Sandy Hook?

Kween * 1 month ago

I've seen 2/3 of these--all from different groups. I began to wonder if they were doing this as a hoax on a hoax. After further investigation, I realize it is true that these are actual crisis actors hired by the news outlets to report tragedies. This is reprehensible. Thanks for sharing @LibertyLioness.

hearthwench 1 month ago

The American ones are using the same actors to play different parts, thinking no one will notice. It is like Superman wearing glasses suddenly looks "different" enough to be Clark Kent.

teamamerica17 1 month ago

Like Sloppy Sniper at SH

teamamerica17 1 month ago

Crisis actors like Robbie Parker?

Kween 1 month ago

he's never gonna get an academy award...

teamamerica17 1 month ago

And Orlando (

And San Bernardino.

And the French nightclub shooting.

And the 9/11 airplane footage. (See In Plane Sight)

And everything CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC show.

It's all psyops. Want public​ support for war on terror or "gun control"? Fake a terror incident or mass shooting as part of a FEMA drill, then lead public to believe it's real

youcanread 1 month ago

it is a hoax,,just as the one they pulled in 2013 and dont forget the 52 other times the feces known as daesh used cw in Syria..

1 month ago


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