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BeLIEf Systems and Social Perception Structures

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DeplorableRick 1 month ago

I think my work has trufax blocked. Nothing is opening. Ill check them all out tonight at home.

Kween [lead] * 1 month ago

Wow. Interesting. Trufax is one of the most "mature" credible leading research sites on the internet in my opinion.
They present alternate reality in an easily accessible way, with much of it based on science. The owner of the site (Val) has put a lot into it over the 10 years I've been on. Although he offers a subscription for more--there is ample information available for one to decide if the low-cost subscription will be of any use to them in the future. Good Morning @DeplorableRick. Trust your work day is safe and happy.

DeplorableRick 1 month ago

Good afternoon to you @Kween :) 12:20 here in Sunny Louisville. Work is boring. I have an "important" job but seem to be able to do most of it in about 2 hours a day lol. Thank God for Voteable!

Kween [lead] 1 month ago

hahah...just as I said goodmorning..I looked at the clock and said - darn - it's already 12:20 - oh well...guess my morning bled over into the afternoon--as I am just getting started for the day. Enjoy the rest of it you "get the job done early guy you"--. I've got to be less distracted by #votable today and complete my "job" so I can get out of here for some R&R this weekend.

hearthwench 1 month ago

Wonderful article. It reminds me that I still have a lot of crapola in my head. ;D My favorite time and place for "emptying" myself of it is working in the dirt, especially pulling weeds. Doing dishes is second. "Where did that crap come from?" "Not mine- delete!" "Oh, bloody hell, Deb! Really?" laughing...

by Kween
1 month ago



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