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President Trump Will Meet with Pope Francis in May

President Donald Trump will meet with Pope Francis when he travels to Italy next month for meetings with the G7 leaders, officials said.

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Violetfire [lead] 1 week ago

This should be interesting

TangoMike 1 week ago

This is still impossible. I hope POTUS calls Francis out for the fake that he is. I have a sense the normal smoke and smooches won't work this time either.

Violetfire [lead] 6 days ago

Maybe he'll make a reference to all the children he's eaten. He could ask him if it helped him keep his girly figure.

TangoMike 6 days ago

Horrid as that is, it is nothing compared to all the souls he's led to Hell already with his version of "#Catholicism"

cedarnsage 6 days ago

To call him out for what he's doing to get rid of the pedophiles?? Oh wait, I think they've loosened up that stuff!!!

TangoMike * 6 days ago

Most importantly for being a sham pope.

He's a Manchu, a criminal, and nothing more.

To call that spade a spade would do far more for, not just the US but, the world than any other POTUS ever has by far.

This is a horror that has endured for over half a century.

Not holding my breath though. "Business as usual"

1 week ago


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