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Do you know of any good home remedies?

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twisty58 2 days ago

Yes! Pineapple juice to relieve a cough!

nepherrae 1 week ago

mint for a stomach cramp

Reziac 1 week ago

Lemon juice for high blood pressure. Method developed by a cardiologist. Works great.

Reziac 1 week ago

For canker sores in your mouth: peel and crush a fresh apple seed; use it as a poultice on the sore for 15-20 minutes. Most of the time this will effect a rapid cure (probably because apple seeds contain cyanide, and mayhaps the herpes virus doesn't like it much); the sore will go numb, then soon disappears.

Zoie 1 week ago

When I was in fifth grade, I had a wart develop on my elbow. I learned that if I moistened a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar, taped the cotton ball over the wart over night, and repeated the process the following night, the wart would turn black and fall right off! The wart has never came back since!

Violetfire 6 days ago

For inflammation - Pour Caster Oil on a clean soft cloth (like a diaper) and apply or wrap it around the affected area for 3 nights (use plastic wrap on top so it doesn't get all over your sheets). It will take away the inflammation and the pain esp for bone problems like cracked bones or bone spurs. I also get good results for issues like back pain.

nepherrae 6 days ago

that's a really interesting one. a friend of mine has back pain all the time, I'll suggest it to him :)

KaosMC [lead] 6 days ago

I had a sprained ankle from Easter, (ATV accident), and it didn't even phase me. (Totally lying, it hurt. I had an ice pack)
So, nope.

by Zoie
1 week ago


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