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Why I Became Subscriber 54,722,199 and YouTube's Death Wish!

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brianbonner 6 days ago

google bought out youtube and their copyright policy is assinine. guilty until proven innocent. My shows were always in dispute, so i left

MickeyDee 6 days ago

Youtube has become a tool of the globalists.

Shaggy5777 6 days ago

Videos that violate YouTube's policies are monetized while videos that don't violate the policies gets demonetized!

Violetfire [lead] 6 days ago

That makes perfect sense if you think of it as what is pleasing to Lucifer.

Kween * 5 days ago formerly I contemplated launching an alternative YouTube site a couple of weeks ago...but thought better of it. The space is too convoluted, over filled with more un-thoughtful conspiracy theory foolishness, than conspiracy fact . I think they are throwing the baby out with the bath water and targeting videos that shouldn't be targeted, but there is waaay too much foolishness that drowns out real provocative questions and inundate people who don't have the stamina to waddle through the morass of garbage.

People have enough information to "do something"..but do nothing but gawk at videos.....In my opinion free speech is somewhat akin to hate speech - BOTH SIDES--when there shouldn't be any side other than trying to form an agreed upon reality and focus toward it. Actually, it's gettin' right boring. It's difficult to find quality videos unless one really digs..and my time is more valuable than that.

6 days ago


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