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The Kekwork is off to a great start! New point system with rewards!

It has now been officially over a month since @jseek made contact with anyone on the site. Bugs don't seem to be getting fixed anymore, It's making some wonder if the company is shutting down and running out the clock on the webhosts. I've decided to begin a new social network that is 100% aimed at our community. No longer will we be at the mercy of corporate overlords. is a 100% ban free zone (except for spamming) created by a Kekistani(me) for Kekistanis.

We just added a point system and badges that can be purchased with points you earn!

We are already off to a great start! We have some of our most active users submitting content to keep you busy! It's time we take the next step in our journey. Join us at ! Take back the internet! Praise KEK!

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WerePuppy 1 week ago 3rd place May 9

I have to steal this epic Pepe and put it on gab :P

Rebel1ne [lead] 1 week ago

its from the_donald

WerePuppy 1 week ago

Do you think it possible something happened to jseek? Like an accident or illness?

DeplorableRick 1 week ago

I dont know. I keep sending PM's of encouragement hoping he is getting them.

DeplorableRick 1 week ago

Its time to put on those swim trunks/Bikinis and dive in the Kek Pool!

WerePuppy 1 week ago

Hey I posted this to Gab. Gab just opened up to everyone so I hope people from there see this and join the kekworks

Ruewen 1 week ago

I cant find you on Gab what name are you using?

WerePuppy 3 days ago

Vibrant Fake American Triggering O.G. Were Puppy · @Were-Puppy

MickeyDee 1 week ago

Pepe rising

Rebel1ne [lead] * 1 week ago

We just added a point system where you can actually spend the points on items!

1 week ago


Make America Great Again

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