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CPS sends kids to pedophiles!!!! Sick.

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TheDizzyDuet 3 weeks ago

We are fighting for our Grandson back right now. If anyone is interested we have a gofundme page to raise funds for a lawyer and we are sending letters to government officials and posting on message boards everywhere to stop CPS. These children NEED our help, send letters to the government, Nationwide and local to stop the states from taking children who have loving families, and help find homes for those who don't. #StopTheCorruption

Violetfire [mod] 3 weeks ago

Anyone with a Twitter Account-PLEASE
Tweet - multiple times.
CPS is trafficking our kids to pedophiles
@realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump #savethechildren

TheDizzyDuet 3 weeks ago

I would say it's time for it to come to light and stop protecting the ones who are culpable and send them to jail. These children are innocent and do not deserve to be mistreated by these corrupt people any more. I guess it just took PedoGate and PizzaGate to bring it to light and knock down a few doors.

northman 3 weeks ago

Hate to be the one to tell you this , This has been going on for decades. Interacted with victims of this during my law enforcement career.

Violetfire [mod] 3 weeks ago

This has got to stop. Our tax dollars are funding this crap. What do we have to do? I've sent this to the FBI, DHS, Trump, Ivanka Trump, all of Trumps friends in high places. My local government, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffez.

northman 3 weeks ago

You are going to have to except another major wake up, one I had long ago, their is only one way to deal with this and the people aren't there yet. When and if law enforcement decides to go after the major players like the Clintons and their crony's they will put up a wall of lawyers that will keep them from ever seeing a day in jail, let alone go to court. Let that sink in for awhile, maybe rethink on how far you are willing to go or what you will support at the government level of what they may have to do to stop this, that may be something that may not sit well ether. This battle has been going on for a long time.

Violetfire [mod] 3 weeks ago

Ok then. How do we get back one child that they took without a warrant. The grandparents had weekly visitation while the child was at CPS and then poof he was gone. They don't even know where he went. This child is blond and blue eyed. You know what that means. What is the next step. We need your expertise sir.

rektspec * 3 weeks ago

Gather up some powerful Spiritual Christians to start a prayer chain. It works! I know in my own life! Pray and fast to send angels to destroy Devil's work.

TheDizzyDuet 3 weeks ago

I am going to start a prayer chain now. Please help us spread the word on this corruption. My grandchild is in the system and I WANT him home. This has gone on for far too long and he deserves to be with his family.

northman 3 weeks ago

Ok, If these people had visiting rights then they have a lawyer hopefully, if not they should get one, all so CPS is funded with tax payer money, that means no matter what state their in , these people can file a formal complaint with their state legislator , By law the state legislator has to conduct a investigation in a timely manner , usually about 30 days and give their finding in writing to the person who filed the complaint, Mind you that this is after a lawyer has exhausted all options in court.. CPS has a lot of power and laws protecting them . Once a child is taken by CPS most of the time their is nothing you can do. I wish I had some secret back door law to tell you but there isn't any .

northplaza 1 day ago

My mother, Dorothy Baker, when she was a judge in Portland, was the first to order a sex offender to use signage.

She was both lauded and reviled.

She said to me "They won't let me have them castrated and put on an island."

Hail Trump.

TONYAPARNELL 2 weeks ago


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Violetfire [mod] 1 week ago

You guys have been busy this week. Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this most important issue. Now we need some more arrests.

twisty58 1 week ago


Violetfire [mod] All info on #PizzaGate
3 weeks ago 1,239 views

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Violetfire [mod] * 3 weeks ago

Please watch and read about DizzyDuets situation. They are caught up in this CPS horrific government plot.
Child Protective Service Are Trafficking Children. Nancy Schafer tried to expose it and she was killed. Please email or call your state Senators. This is happening in EVERY state. They are even Kidnapping children from Parents and Grandparents. This has to stop. I sent this tape to @realdonaldtrump, @fbi, whitehouse email, & @DonaldtrumpJr in an attempt to get some exposure.

Violetfire [mod] 3 weeks ago

All I can say is I wish I would have become a lawyer.

northman 3 weeks ago

It's never to late for frontier justice.

Violetfire [mod] * 2 weeks ago

I'm too old & too tired. It's the younger generations turn to take up the reins and fight for justice. But in my next out. I'll be a power to reckon with.

rektspec 3 weeks ago

Just do not be a lawyer like Hillary, laughing at how her guilty rapist client faked the polygraph test.

SoaringNow * 2 weeks ago

You can educate yourself. Lawyers are NOT particularly bright or talented. Its mostly just paperwork and knowing where to file forms... #KeepGoing

MickeyDee * 3 weeks ago

People who make money out of abusing children are quite capable of committing murder. Pedophiles are naturally evil. CPS = Child Pimping Satanists

TheDizzyDuet 2 weeks ago

Thank you, Violetfire! What she said. Write letters to all your Senators to stop this corruption from continuing. We have been writing letters to any government entity that we can, to get the word out. Any help you can give, can give another child the chance for some stability and love.

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This is a community to shine a light on the perversion of pedophilia and the harming of children. Our goal is to get the Media or the gov to begin investigations.
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