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My latest poem:

You see them all over the country.
They fly old glory in their yard.
Some of them were taught this way.
While others have battle scars.
They love America unconditionally.
They bleed red white and blue.
They took a stand to defend our land.
I stand with them, I'm a patriot too.
Some of them display a battle flag.
Not as racists but as defiants.
Some even wave a Gadsden banner.
Our common bond is an end to tyrants.
Though not typically violent by nature,
We will not be bullied around.
We know our second amendment
And so we'll stand our ground.
We don't need to find a "safe space"
We're the ones who just provide it.
We wear our patriotism on our sleeves.
We love America and we don't hide it.
When things don't go our way,
Like anyone else we get quite mad.

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DeplorableRick 1 month ago

Wow, now that is some cowboy patriotic poetry that even Ronald Reagan would've loved!

Patriot1972 1 month ago

TY!! It all started when I saw posts of the goofballs dressed in their vagina costumes, it irritated me enough to write this LOL. I write a lot of songs/poems dealing mostly with politics, military, MERICA, and good ole country stuff with a side of faith thrown in.

DeplorableRick * 1 month ago

Keep them coming! I'd love to continue reading them. Im sure there is a poetry community and if not, you could always start one. Not that you have to stop posting them in this awesome community!

Patriot1972 1 month ago

There IS one. I posted one there. Will most likely start one myself as well.

keithaBrownell 1 month ago

Good point about the rebel flag.

caltrop 1 month ago

excellent! this is fabulous

Patriot1972 1 month ago

Thank you kindly

TheVersist 1 month ago

you just said it all...

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caltrop Poetry World Free verse
1 month ago 1,674 views

The Smile

I think I met you, long ago,
The world was very different then,
And though two thousand years have passed,
I think I still remember, when,
In the market, I saw your smile,
And whispered my brother, "Hey!, Over there."
He saw quickly, whom I had discovered,
And he agreed, that you were fair.
I came over and bought from you,
An apple, with my last penny,
You gave me another and another,
Free, until there were not any.
We laughed and talked a goodly while,
And strolled together, when you were done,
Again and again I saw your smile,
We held hands watching the setting Sun.
Time passed fast. Soon betrothed,
And sooner still we two were wed,
I still remember the special smile,
That you gave me in our marriage bed.
Do you recall the silver bracelet,
That I made for you in that first year?<...

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TheVersist 1 month ago

Amazing and truly inspiring...outstanding on every level!

caltrop Poetry World
2 weeks ago 600 views


You've awakened with a headache that's the size of Timbuktu
You've chewed and chewed on willow til you don't know what to do
They won't be inventing Tylenol for several thousand years
And you're very nearly drowning in the torrent of your tears

Trepanation is the surgery of Neolithic man
It is a chiseled excavation in the base of your brainpan
Survivors are not unknown, though perhaps they're very few
But you know that trepanation will be very good for you

You need trepanation, For your swollen brain
You need trepanation, To control all the pain
You need trepanation, Get off your deathbed
You need trepanation, Like a hole in the head

When you feel your vital energy has sunk to a new low
Your thinking is befuddled and your mind is getting slow
In the funk of a depression thats a major malady
A s...

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Kween 2 weeks ago

small hole in your head - HAH!
@caltrop poems- paradoxical ironic comfort in smiling grimaces

caltrop * 2 weeks ago

you need it - like a hole in the head ;)
there's actually a video of a woman doing it live - that was my original 'inspiration' for this song
here is an interview with her:

Kween * 2 weeks ago

I'll save the "uptick" as a reminder to view the video :) Can't wait to see the inspiration of the poem/song

Patriot1972 Poetry World
1 month ago 2,053 views

" Lincoln County Dreamer"                         
  the old homeplace still stands,
much like it did a hundred years ago.
overlooking a forty acre bottom, near the mouth of where two creeks flow.
to the left is a narrow holler,
winding through the hardwood trees. whispering echoes of the past,
with each gentle mid-spring breeze. though it's not the place
where I saw first the light of day,
it is indeed however,
where I loved to romp and play.
It was where I chewed tobacco,
and Popaw took me fishin.
It was where Momaw kept my belly full,
and I'd spend days just dreamin and wishin.
When Mom and Dad would get ready to leave,
I'd go and hide up on the hill.
I loved that house and where it sits, and I guess I always will.
Folks will say much has changed, since Popaw passed in 87.
But I still call it...

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TheVersist 1 month ago

Fond memories of my dad & mom & fishing on a quiet lake and/or river come to mind...not to mention all the great John Denver songs I wore out...this is great verse!

Patriot1972 1 month ago

It's always easier to write from the heart those things that are true.

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