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yrmy [lead] Poetry World Traditional
1 month ago 453 views

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johnhenson 1 month ago

I like it!

yrmy [lead] 1 month ago

Oops, I did a revision and the word "the" got left in the last line. :(

rektspec 1 month ago

Ask and ye SHALL receive, asking without doubt.

yrmy [lead] Poetry World Traditional
1 month ago 254 views

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yrmy [lead] Poetry World Traditional
1 month ago 326 views


Bless the children, Lord on high,
The world has much to weigh them down;
Their simple needs be satisfied,
The laughter of love their only sound.

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caltrop Poetry World Free verse
2 months ago 391 views

the triumph of goldenhair

high upon the ancient hill midst tumbleweeds and dreck

pyramids rise above the swamp all temples to lord kek!

hidden things are watching and waiting just to thank

when the golden realm is great again and every meme is dank

the night-sky looms above the room the stars all stoop to share

in the power of the pepe and the myth of goldenhair

a messiah and a warrior to kick against the tides

in serried ranks these dankocrats discovered far and wide

all enemies of one, two, three - he cannot be denied

what to say? he's a-ok and talks direct to us

a champion of everyman his foes all become dust

he speaks out plain this goldenmane (he has been known to cuss)

in the salty, sanguine oceans of briney liberal tears


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