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5 hours ago 59 views

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hearthwench 4 hours ago


DaveTomson2017 1 hour ago

You forgot to wipe your ass with this disgusting flag before shitcanning it!


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BREAKING - SWEDEN: Shooting reported in Stockholm, where violent Muslim riots were ongoing. Details to follow. UPDATE: Police have fired warning shots, cars have been set on fire by Muslim migrants. Violent riots continue.

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jetdrvr 1 month ago

Sweden is toast. Liberal PC carried to its ultimate extreme. That cuck Bernie Sanders would love the place.

ontherocks 1 month ago

Any Documentary examining Cause AND Effect of current events in Sweden could be called Stockholm Syndrome without ANY HINT of Sarcasm or irony.
...but Trump Misspoke....riiiiigghhttt

Kween 1 month ago
OvenShovel 1 month ago

Who opened the borders? Who controls the media? Who pushes multiculuralism? Who funds "migrant rights", etc, etc?

Pardon my "anti-semitism".

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northman 1 week ago

Didn't work out for them.

Violetfire 1 week ago

No but lots of Iranians don't associate themselves with being Muslim. They had to convert because they would be headless if they didn't. They celebrate their "real" religion Zoroastrianism. I like the Iranian people as a whole. From what I've read they are very kind & welcoming people.

VeryDicey * 1 week ago

I can confirm they are nice people and most, especially the young are not radicalized and non religious. The anti islam ones left a long time ago and have nothing but resentment for the islamic revolution. If you meet an american iranian they probably hate what happened to their country. From what I know it was the college males who screwed everything up... college kids always seem to fuck things up.

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Inspired by the 2016 race for the presidency of the United States of America, however international affairs are welcome as well.
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