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EpiHope Politics Islamist tards
18 hours ago 29 views

These stories bring good reasons to enforce a ban on Muslims and to simply ban Islam all together!
The idea that this is being allowed in Western society is absolutely insane to say the least!
Now, it seems Canada will also be slapping you with penalties if you speak out against Muslims and speak the truth! They've basically already destroyed Europe, now they're headed West to come here, first by freely going into Canada, then simply walking across the border into the U.S. People need to wake up and take a damn stand! It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

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OvenShovel 8 hours ago

It's not the Muslims who have opened our borders and made speaking out a crime. I'd point the finger but that would be "anti-semitism."

EpiHope 7 hours ago

No, because Muslims aren't making the laws, yet. But it is the Muslims slaughtering people of the West because of an illness we have called Tolerance. The blood only Muslims hands cannot be overlooked, regardless of your opinion of who did what. The fact remains the same, Muslims are killing in the name of Islam and there is no defending that. Muslims didn't open our borders, but they are the ones crossing them. It's our citizen betraying politicians who leave the borders wide open for the murdering, rapist Muslims to dance across!

OvenShovel 6 hours ago

Ok, but we have to be willing to identify the people who have financed the agenda, propagandized the public, bought off the politicians. It goes back to the Kalergi Plan and "The Melting Pot" operation, at least. It's Jewish.

EpiHope 1 hour ago

So you're telling me that these small girls forced to marry and sleep with Muslim men are the fault of the Jewish? You're telling me that the entire issue we face with Islam and Muslims is because of Jews? You're only seeing this from one, very limited perspective. The Jews did not bring Muslims into Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand (of which I have seen the problem is the south of Thailand first hand), and so many other nations that have nothing to do with this multiculturism Idea and certainly not the Jews. I don't understand why people deflect the idea that Islam is BAD and Muslims who get into other countries destroy the country that hosts them. It's quite nonsense to say the Jews did all of this.

OvenShovel 1 hour ago

What Muslims do in Muslim nations is not my concern. We have more than enough problems in the West.

Your post is about Canada and the West. The Muslims are here because of Jewish policies. Fact.

EpiHope 21 minutes ago

First off, you kind of prove my point. You say, "What Muslims do in Muslim nations is not my concern", The countries I listed, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, are not Muslim nations, but they are becoming overrun by Muslims, with the exception of Thailand, because they are actually fighting back and have them stopped in the southern tip, coming from Malaysia. The Philippines have been struggling for years with Islam brought by Muslims, and Malaysia is at this point I would think absolutely lost to Islam. The post is about the Muslims coming into Western nations and destroying them. The countries I listed, of whom were not Muslim nations, but are now dealing with them was direced at your claim that it was all because of the Jews. The Jews played no part in the placement of Muslims into those countries, which was my point, that it can't all be blamed on the Jews. The Muslims are very much responsible for the killing and raping that they are doing! You are not going to convince me that a country that wasn't even formed until 1947-1948 and still fighting to this very day to be able to build in their own country are solely responsible for the actions of the Muslims in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland Italy, and the U.S. Oh, and by the way, if you statement "What Muslims do in Muslim nations is not my concern" is directed at the children being forced to marry and sleep with older men, then you didn't watch the video. That is happening in Denmark. Not a Muslim country. Oh, and by the way, just because you say "Fact" at the end of a sentence doesn't make it a fact.

Brooksy Politics Islamist tards
1 week ago 192 views

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Snoozebum 1 week ago

I think murder of Christians outweighs all the other considerations for these people. Makes it all worth it.

rektspec 1 week ago

I assume you are talking about true Christianity. Vatican have some backchannel approval of Islamic Caliphate.

Snoozebum 1 week ago

I meant liberals.

The fact that muslims murder Christians (a virtue in liberals view) makes all the other atrocities forgivable.

twisty58 1 week ago

The GREAT thing about this is, Jesus sees and He knows and He is righteous and just.

Snoozebum 1 week ago

Haha, yeah, I consider that quite important!

hearthwench 1 week ago


kd12385 * 1 week ago

I think it is all a lie, the Deep State wants Islam to take over the west. Example Europe willfully allowing take over by Islam. It is willful there, just as it is willful here! Obama is just a puppet that took the fall for the Deep State and Islam is evil but they don't have the power to invade us, we bring them here. Who is the Wizard behind it. If it was just Obama then the left would be happy to reign it in, the fact that they are fighting tooth and nail along with MSM and Hollywood shows there is much more behind than just Obama it is Soros/Rothchilds/Rockefellers/DeepState etc. They pretend there is no threat, and we think that makes them naive or ignorant, they are playing us. They know exactly what they are doing.

twisty58 1 week ago

I'd, you are absolutely right. This is waaaaay deeper than the left. It is illuminating stuff. Getting the left to believe that though is pointless.

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DougieFresh Politics Islamist tards
3 days ago 42 views

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DrTrumpGuy Politics Islamist tards
1 month ago 308 views


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keithaBrownell [mod] 1 month ago

Good for them those things look miserable.

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