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keithaBrownell [mod] Politics US Politics
14 minutes ago 13 views

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Trump 2016
Politics US Politics
6 hours ago 99 views

This is not hard. Repeal ACA, then pass bills or a bill to allow purchase across state lines, pre-existing conditions, health savings, etc.

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LibertyLioness 5 hours ago

I agree. Except with the part about passing more bills. Just REPEAL IT. We didn't have socialistic healthcare before and we don't need it now. If they want to put down some laws or create a fund to help assist the poor that would be ok. But the rest of us don't need the help of this co-opted, obviously corrupt government to get health care. Just give us back freedom of choice. That's all.

DeplorableRick 5 hours ago

They should have sent up the previous bill sent to Obama that ALL repubs agreed on in the first place! This just proves to me that there is more swamp draining to be done.

rektspec 4 hours ago

Ryan should lose this now, and then be kicked off the House leadership role. Let Rand then bring in his simplified system and become House Leader GOP.

Realitypro Politics US Politics
5 hours ago 33 views

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__xx__xx__ 1 hour ago

oh look its hillary clintons dildo


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