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Hey Guys! Long time no see? I am having an epidemic and I need your help to solve it! I have been battering my self constantly trying to think of a new idea for a game. Until it hit me. Think of all the best games out there? Minecraft. Terraria. ROBLOX? They may be hated by a large meme community, but to the general public they are amazing games/game platforms! One thing they all have in common though? They are SANDBOX games. At least... I believe they are? Anywho, Click on the strawpoll below to select the theme of the SandBox game! (Low-Poly) or (Realistic). Also don't be afraid to throw in some ideas in to it!

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ReecePlaysMCXbox Programming Discussions
3 months ago 841 views

Hello. Is anyone here really good with the Blender Game Engine to the point where they know how to code online multiplayer? If that sounds like you, please let me know because i need help with coding online multiplayer for a first person shooter i'm working on. Ill send you the link to my game with an email if you feel like you can help me out. Thank You!

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MoominMiner Programming Discussions
1 year ago 5,280 views

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mearrin69 1 year ago

Oh. That's a big 1D10T error. Ouch.

Jseek [V] 1 year ago

feel bad about rolling out some bad code? atleast you didnt break a $286million satellite

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