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mearrin69 Programming News
11 months ago 1,244 views

Hey, guys! I seem to have lost my original thread for this but I've added a few new episodes to my Let's Make Games (C++/SDL2) series. I'm going to pick up the pace on this series as it is starting to get some attention. Hopefully it's something people would like to see continue.

I also plan to do some derpy beginner/amateur looking at making games in Unity.

YT links to these episodes are below.

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Jseek [V] Programming News
1 year ago 3,741 views

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mearrin69 1 year ago

Cool. Thanks for sharing. The idea of writing an OS boggles my mind.

Demomaker [lead] Programming News
1 year ago 2,298 views

Hello and welcome to this brand new programming community :). This community is all about getting people to share what they make and help others (and maybe make some new friends :)?) in code. The main, only rule here is: Be Positive. Thank you everyone for joining, and keep coding!

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mearrin69 1 year ago

Hadn't seen this board yet. Cool idea!

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Welcome to the Programming Community! In this community, you can share stuff you have done with code, get help or even help others with their own code! (Any Programming L...
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