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mearrin69 Programming Suggestions
1 month ago 1,492 views

Hey, all. If you haven't checked out Udemy and are interested in learning a new language or other (techy) skill you might give them a go.

I bought a Unity course a while back and then decided to pick up a three-part C# course by Mosh Hamedani. I'm about halfway through the intermediate lectures so far and am enjoying it.

I believe you get permanent access to the courses and, while the prices are steep, they often have sales with deep discounts. I picked up the C# series for $45 (regular $150).

Yeah. I don't work for Udemy. Just wanted to share the resource. ;)

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If you are not already aware of what "Discord" is, it's a program similar to skype in the sense that you can be connected with 2 or more people and can all be in a voice chat. But it's different as it was designed by "gamers". What do you guys think in the idea of having a group like that in which we can all collaborate and share information at the press of a button!


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JustAboveAverage [mod] 8 months ago

Sorry for the minimal description and detailing of Discord, it was 2:36 AM and I had to get up at 7. I was pretty darn tired xD

asterious [lead] 8 months ago

Totally understand. But sleep is important!

asterious [lead] 8 months ago

That's what Votable is for:)

NikolajTheGuy [mod] 8 months ago

True but we have Votable for sharing info xD

TheLiveitup34 Programming Suggestions
1 year ago 1,978 views

Does it need any coding tweaking or anything like that

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LegitStryker 1 year ago

Love it, maybe add a different font to the menu at the top of the screen?

asterious [lead] 1 year ago

Looks good overall. I don't like the auto-pop ad - very off putting. And seems like you don't need that red line to the left of the L in 'Latest merchandise'

TheLiveitup34 1 year ago

thats part of the hosting website why its hosted for free sorry about that and i did the left side of the L for asthetics

asterious [lead] 1 year ago

Yeah it doesnt work for aesthetics

zombieman420 1 year ago

i'd say get rid of the auto popup

NikolajTheGuy [mod] 12 months ago

This is the most minor thing but it'd probably look better if you kept the footer still when you hover over your t-shirts. Other than that it looks good.

NikolajTheGuy [mod] 12 months ago

Also it's spelled Merchandise :3

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