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Realitypro Life, Love and Liberty
7 hours ago 8 views

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Up north folks laughed at my drawl
Some of them called me hillbilly
They'd ask me "where's your overalls?"
I just thought they were being silly
See, I grew up in chicago
But I leaned toward southern ways
Cause my roots are in appalachia
I've loved the south since I was born
And that's where my heart stays
I learned to respect my elders
And give thanks to God above
To never sass my mom and dad
And to never withhold my love
I learned the wonder of Gods creation
And the history in the hills
The benefits of a strong work ethic
And the beauty of singing whipporwills
I know that in todays fast paced world
That all sounds simple or even silly
But to this day I feel this way
And I'm proud to be called a hillbilly.
-Brett Maynard

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DeplorableRick 3 weeks ago

Hillbilly, Redneck, both names I am proud to embrace. You aint livin till you've sipped genuine lemonade on a back porch at sunset in the middle of summer listening to the whipporwhills, crickets and coyotes in the pine thicket.

Patriot1972 [lead] 3 weeks ago

Amen to THAT Sir!

Realitypro Life, Love and Liberty
1 week ago 111 views

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LibertyLioness 1 week ago

I was poisoned by Malathion in 1996 when the State of Florida decided to spray a 5 county area with it to kill med flies on the orange trees. As a homeowner, I was not notified and watched them spraying from an Army helicopter (but I didn't know they were spraying-was just curious of why they were there). Apparently, it had been all over the news, but I stopped watching the negative news years ago.

It was being stored in hangars at the Tampa airport where the temp inside the hangers was likely well above 100 degrees. However, when you store malathion that way, it becomes lethal. They didn't care about the people, they only cared about saving the damn orange crop.

My brain and my body will never be the same again. Doctors had no clue how to help and didn't even know what was wrong with me. I was told I would have to live with it. I had to figure out how to heal myself. It took 13 years. Along the way, I discovered what had happened and it was tied back to that day and obvious once I knew.

We need to irradicate pesticides completely. There are other ways that are completely harmless (and even helpful) to humans. Diatomaceous Earth is one of them.

rektspec 1 week ago

Natural remedies are the ENEMY of Monsanto and the corporate backers, so no chance anyone going to change it, except maybe TRUMP

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