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Up north folks laughed at my drawl
Some of them called me hillbilly
They'd ask me "where's your overalls?"
I just thought they were being silly
See, I grew up in chicago
But I leaned toward southern ways
Cause my roots are in appalachia
I've loved the south since I was born
And that's where my heart stays
I learned to respect my elders
And give thanks to God above
To never sass my mom and dad
And to never withhold my love
I learned the wonder of Gods creation
And the history in the hills
The benefits of a strong work ethic
And the beauty of singing whipporwills
I know that in todays fast paced world
That all sounds simple or even silly
But to this day I feel this way
And I'm proud to be called a hillbilly.
-Brett Maynard

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DeplorableRick 1 month ago

Hillbilly, Redneck, both names I am proud to embrace. You aint livin till you've sipped genuine lemonade on a back porch at sunset in the middle of summer listening to the whipporwhills, crickets and coyotes in the pine thicket.

Patriot1972 [lead] 1 month ago

Amen to THAT Sir!

Realitypro Life, Love and Liberty
4 weeks ago 423 views

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TangoMike * 4 weeks ago

sa, eg, "The UN prayer", ambassadorial oath and Lucifer/Lucis trust.

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