Students Say College Hiring A White Professor Is An ‘Egregious’ Offense via @dailycaller

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TangoMike 6 hours ago

Let's cut the shit and get to it already; being 'white' is what they really mean.

That's okay though. When an entity keeps selecting for failure, that is the definition of a self-correcting problem.

Make sure to get your entire head in front of the shotty Sucka Zulu

Liberal fake news media denies prog agitators are being paid

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brianbonner 9 hours ago

That has been going on since the 99% movement

Islamic immigrant living in Dayton arrested for trying to join ISIS via @WDTN

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Twin Falls Refugee Rape Special Report: Why Are The Refugees Moving In? via @BreitbartNews

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TangoMike 7 hours ago

It's a new thing called "Rape Therapy" and "Rectal Engineering". All the cool kids like celebrities are doing it, at least as soon as we can ship their "new friends" to the left coast instead since they want them so bad.

"The Little Engine that Could 2: The Little Engine That Had To"

"Choo Choo"

Just remember, l'a means n'am, and they'll set your gender for you.


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