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One of the smallest footprints for fishing farms

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I decided to make a video to help people set up their clients, most people use only default settings without realizing that the game can be configured to use more memory and resources.

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My first command block contraption. Any feedback is appreciated

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Mihro_ [mod] Technical Minecraft
5 months ago 2,577 views

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asterious 5 months ago

yeah @Mihro_ is the man

Mihro_ [mod] 4 months ago

*ahem* ^_^

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A community made to share knowledge and your Redstone and Command Block contraptions. If you need help building something you can also ask for help to the community.
A community for 5 months

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1 Share Redstone, Command Block or Technical content only
2 If you need help with something be very specific
3 Provide feedback whenever possible
4 Have fun!

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