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Rebel1ne [lead] Technology
3 weeks ago 1,930 views

When I took over @thedonald & @politics they had 1186 and 116 members respectively and were effectively dead(very little activity.) Now in just over two months @thdonald is about to break 2000 and @politics just broke 800! This was accomplished using a daily twitter campaign where over 10k invitations are sent out every 24 hours.

Now I have a slot open to take on a new account and have decided to focus that effort here. I will be meeting with the other mods to develop a community twitter feed that will help pull traffic and inform our users.

My initial role will be confined to social media promotion until I get accustomed to the way this community runs.

Hope I can drive some new life into this place!

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banksie Technology
19 hours ago 110 views

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rektspec 18 hours ago

And apparently Rand Paul signed it too!

LibertyLioness * 18 hours ago

No they didn't. They didn't undo anything. We already have a right a privacy. This was a bill specifically for broadband providers . This would allow them to share our information unless we opted out. But since we already have privacy rights, it was declined. It is a long bill and you can read it here:

This is just my 2 cents in scanning the bill. But since I've never had any issues since 1993 with my broadband provider sharing my information, I think there was likely something in the bill that they didn't like so it was not passed.

Let us know if you see it differently.

Jseek [V] Technology
1 day ago 90 views

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turkintucker 1 day ago

dude wtf and i thought paul was a half decent guy

rektspec * 1 day ago

His father, Ron, ain't gonna be pleased!

yrmy 1 day ago

This whole thing is quite puzzling. Of course, all of politics is.

Quaziphoto Technology
1 day ago 32 views

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LibertyLioness 1 day ago

They've been watching too many Hollywood movies! But, who knows, might work!

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