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Welcome to the results of our Steam Card Giveaway! If you’re not sure what’s going on, you can check out the original post here:

First off, thank you all for taking part! We got quite a lot of entries, and that was awesome to see :D

Second, the actual results! The aim of the game was to guess who the richest person on the Diamond Society SMP was, and so here are the top 3 richest people on the server (in terms of diamonds):

3 - Traven / 3Ravens98
2 - BCs300z
1 - Cortezerino

Congratz to Cortez, for having so many diamonds (I’m not jealous, what’re you talking about . . .) Now, unfortunately we can’t have several winners, so, with the help of a randomizer, we randomly selected one of the people who chose him, and so the winner is . . .



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RussianAfroMan 3 weeks ago

Congrats Brian!

AddictiveG [lead] 3 weeks ago

Congrats Brian :D

vinsi 3 weeks ago


CoopDizzleMC [lead] 3 weeks ago

Congrats, Brian! =^)

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Mihro_ 13 hours ago

It's coming along quite well. Thanks for asking!
Joking aside, I'm curious about this command block project of yours. If you need a tester, send me a message. I run a command block team so I know all about the things. =)

Today we are working in the Factorium area and start to build a smoke stack around our mob farm.

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The Diamond Society is comprised of YouTubers who all came from smaller, lesser known servers.
A community for over a year.

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