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Pepe Loyalist
Rebel1ne [lead]
Make America Great Again
4 days ago 1,569 views

I'd like to welcome our newest 100 members!

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Wulfrun9 1 day ago

Hello - glad I got the heads up for this site on Gab, this is the best fakebook alternative I think I've seen so far, really like it here!

Pepe Loyalist
Rebel1ne [lead] 1 day ago

And we like you here!

CoolVideoBro 15 minutes ago

Praise Kek!

nycookie Make America Great Again
4 minutes ago 3 views

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Violetfire [mod] Make America Great Again
25 minutes ago 15 views

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Violetfire [mod] 24 minutes ago

Rino sure likes Trump when they are using him to raise money.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 14 minutes ago

As long as they are not using the money to indulge in Pedo or Prozzies, it's all fine!

Violetfire [mod] Make America Great Again
29 minutes ago 14 views

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Violetfire [mod] 28 minutes ago

This is bull. Just another way of censorship so I'll boycott Pepsico and Walmart. They consider pewdiepie Racist. These elites are out of control. Don't let them get away with it.

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Welcome to the first Donald Trump presidency community here on Votable. Please keep in mind this is a community for true supporters! Share the community, lets MAGA!
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