Make America Great Again

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I'm working with a Developer to update giving it a whole new look and features! Below is a sneak peak of the new theme and a preview of the Meme factory feature. Sign up today! Update will be rolled out very soon!

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Violetfire [lead] 2 days ago 3rd place May 24

Looks smokin hot! Can't wait for the update.

Rebel1ne [lead] 2 days ago

I am playing around in a demo the guy is hosting for me right now. it's very cool. should be a very quick dev cycle for this first version.

DrTrumpGuy 1 day ago

How do I delete my VOTABLE account?

Rebel1ne [lead]
Make America Great Again
1 week ago 8,209 views

For those of you who don't know the administrators of this site have all but disappeared. Despite much of the web sites users trying to establish contact with the owners, it seems to be impossible. This is led many of us to think that the site might be shutting down and that the company is simply letting the hosting package run out. I am personally tired of moving from one location to another and every time having our community broken up so I've decided that this will be the last move. I purchased one year of Hosting and am inviting everyone here to come on over and sign up! We have Yahoo and Twitter instant login as well as a regular account creation method with username password and email address. We have a point system with Rewards and a very active user base! Don't be the last one to join us at the kekwork!

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MickeyDee Make America Great Again
7 hours ago 72 views

These are the disgusting things the looney left does to newborn children. Pure EVIL. I could easily do the same to them as punishment, rip them apart.

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Sedevacante * 5 hours ago

They may as well hang them in windows, pending the string and brown paper.

We execute people for far less grievous things, fight a "war on terror", and trash talk an enemy who does and will not do such.

News flash. If you think that there is an America, to be made great or otherwise, then you have no real 'appreciation" of evil, of sin, and the depths of it which we are wallowing in for ~half a century

This happens here, because we not only permit it, but celebrate it.

MAGA? What a joke. Pathetic

#horror #hypocrisy

MickeyDee 6 hours ago

Name and shame them!

Sedevacante * 5 hours ago

Shame them? I hope that God may and so will bless you sir, but just how would one go about shaming a ghoul?

By, presumably, your own words sir, they sell the flesh of the innocent.

They are literally baby butchers.


Think about it, and the implications.

They are of the Devil. They are monsters. I'd say they are possessed, but unless this is part of their pact it seems redundant.

It's hard to tell if we're jaded, ot just numb.

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