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Violetfire [mod] 2 weeks ago

These vaccines need to go. They include up to 130 vaccines in a single shot for children. The mercury, formaldehyde added to these vaccines affect human brains causing, anxiety, autism, depression, OCD, ADHD etc. The Amish community allow no vaccines and they have no cases of autism among their communities.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 2 weeks ago

They don't have cervical cancer (coz they don't sleep around). They are pretty shrewd business people. They are some of the most 'woke' people in US coz they don't get brainwashed by hypnotizing gov tools like TV/Cable.

Ucanthandlethetruth * 2 weeks ago

I know for a fact that Pharma and Doctors work together as one big money machine....Flu vaccines are unnecessary & seen older people get even sicker after getting them...I also do not belive half of the shots that children get before they start school is necessary....They also say that if you have had chicken pocks in ur lifetime,,,u are 3 times more likely to get shingles....Whats the point of getting the vaccines then? I believe that Holistic Therapies are safer... another words,,,If it ain't broke...don't fix it....

Violetfire [mod] 2 weeks ago

I'm with you. I don't trust any of them I use mostly Herbs and they work wonders.

Violetfire [mod] 2 weeks ago

Agree. They don't have any autism cases either.


I have the highest respect for the medical/pharmaceutical industries and over the years have seen so many reputable, respected, factual studies that vaccines are almost totally harmless. Of course we always have deniers about almost everything as Jack Webb "Dragnet" said "Just the facts Ma'am"

Ucanthandlethetruth 2 weeks ago

THIS VIDEO is TRUE.....Too many Doctors play GOD for Profit....
This is becoming an epidemic and is disgusting to try to defend it

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 2 weeks ago

I've been in the medical profession and see the pharma as blood sucking vampires. Took something like free salk vaccine and made it into an autistic bomb. I've seen the money corruption. You cannot mix the monetary bottom line and health with corrupt people. Rockefellers own the AMA, and stocks in Big pharma. Half the meds are useless but stats manipulated, many have severe side effects. Some no doubt are good and life saving, but the individuals that control the reins are evil beyond comparison

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keithaBrownell 3 weeks ago

On Memorial Day the Cub Scouts from our Parish school do their own version of this and then have the boys help plant flags at Ft. Rosecrans. Such a beautiful thing to see the little men in their uniforms planting flags and saluting for men they never knew who wore the uniform of our country.

Ucanthandlethetruth Videos
2 weeks ago 148 views

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GeneralDuh 2 weeks ago

So much for Coke A HOLE AH! Simple, I desire no queer corporate influence leveled upon my generations. via @govotable

jetdrvr * 2 weeks ago

I gave up Pepsi because of all the liberal Pepsi cunts who were whining because Trump won. Guess I've gotta dump the queer-lovers at Coke, also. Hey, Coke! If you prefer cocksuckers over ordinary, hard working Americans, go fuck yourselves. When will these stupid bastards learn to keep their liberal politics out of business. Star Fucks and Target are great examples. Let them rot.

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