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Zoie [lead] Food Recipes
12 hours ago 30 views

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hearthwench [lead] 10 hours ago

Gnooooooocchi... Love it.

Violetfire [lead] Food Recipes
18 hours ago 49 views

French Onion Soup

1 1/2 lbs Onions (Red, White Yellow or combination)
4 TBLS Butter (Clarified but not necessary)
3 TBLS Flour
6 C Homemade Chicken Stock or 1 49 1//2 oz can of Swanson Chicken Stock)
1 C White Wine
Boquet Garni (see below)
2 oz Cognac
Salt & Pepper
Gruyer Cheese
Toasted Bread

Add butter to pan & saute onions for about 20 to 30 min until golden
Add flour to pan stir and cook about 1 min
Add white wine, stir to boil
Add chicken stock
Add bouquet garni
Bring to boil then simmer 20 min
Remove celery and leek before serving
Add Cognac

Toast bread slices and cut off crust
Ladle 1 C soup into each bowl
Place toast on top of soup
Cover with grated Gruyere cheese
Broil in oven until cheese bubbles and turns brown

Bouquet Garni
In tea s...

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hearthwench [lead] 13 hours ago

Looks great!

Zoie [lead] 12 hours ago

Dang it, I'm hungry now! :P I love French onion soup!

Zoie Ask Votable Food
1 day ago 135 views

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hearthwench 1 day ago

My homemade crackers.

yrmy 1 day ago

Used to be Doritos. Now it's nuts.

Zoie 1 day ago

I love Goldfish! :)

Violetfire [lead] Food Eats
1 day ago 97 views

This is my husbands version of Stir Fry. It's made with a Pepper steak like sauce but it is delicious. It's his own concoction so I don't know the recipe.

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Zoie [lead] 1 day ago

Looks great! :)

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