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Just wanted to follow up on our attempt to reach out to David Seaman. If you are unaware he deleted his youtube videos and his twitter account. There is some fishiness going on around him so we will not be pursuing him further.

Also We are about to break 2000 members! I'm stoked! When I first took the reigns here we had about 1180 members and in just a few months we have grown by hundreds of new members! We are a movement! Thank you all!

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LibertyLioness 1 day ago

Hey, I know that David was posting on and having issues with YouTube. There is a video on YouTube saying all of his videos are gone from YouTube, and he deleted Twitter after they deleted all of this followers. Just like what they're doing to Alex Jones and Mike Adams. This is the Pedo people trying to get rid of the info. He also posted that he needed to take care of his health. He is a brave guy. I hope he comes back and can find us here.

Kween 1 day ago

That "pedo hole" (truly no pun intended) does waaay deep. I think many will be shocked to see "what and who" rises to the top--or better yet is left in the sieve after it's drained. Stay tuned!

therealmofnay 1 day ago

Followed you in here after a follow from Twitter. Interesting place. I think I'll hang out.

Kween 1 day ago

Hang out as well as Hang In... ;) Welcome!

Kween 1 day ago

;) Welcome :)

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 1 day ago

You probably didn't know but @Rebel1ne is likely one of the developers of Votable, so he welcomed himself.

Kween 1 day ago

I was saying "Welcome" as in You're welcome...was being like a wittle kid ;)

Pepe Loyalist
Rebel1ne [lead] 1 day ago

I don't work for votable. I actually work in retail. I was a refugee from r/the_donald that got mad at the old mods and decided to do something about it. I do this mostly for fun and to build up my twitter account.

Quaziphoto 1 day ago

What's a Twitter... Lol

Pepe Loyalist
Rebel1ne [lead] 1 day ago

A wasteland. You're home now. lol

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 1 day ago

Sorry, didn't realize. Er, why you building your Twits account?

Pepe Loyalist
Rebel1ne [lead] 1 day ago

I feel like I have a knack for marketing. You never know when having a few thousand people's ear might come in handy.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 21 hours ago

Aaaaah! The NuMedia marketing! Build up a gazillion followers so companies can pay you money to put it on your Twits! Still not enough reason for me to join Twits or FBook, so I developed my own World Social Net, LifeStir, which seems to be mostly for companies/marketing use, not so much for chit chat, or news aggregation. I host my blogs, articles, forums on it. By doing this I am starting to learn about what NuMedia is all about.

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txrogue Make America Great Again
32 minutes ago 19 views

Fact checking the fact checkers

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txrogue Make America Great Again
33 minutes ago 19 views

Need more like him #MAGA

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The globalists control our money. So, one of the things you can do is to make sure your money is in a State Chartered bank or a Credit Union. If everyone just changed their banking habits it would make a huge difference. Of course, the ultimate resolution is to get rid of the Fed altogether but doing this 1 thing is very powerful.

Check off the rest 1 at a time and we can be a powerful force against the globalists.

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