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SNOTRs Youtubers
1 hour ago 24 views

New Type of Let's Play - WE Play: Playing Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator With Viewers!

Welcome to the UEBS where a Let's Play means YOU actually get to play with me! That's right, you have the chance to become a Commander and lead your own troops to victory!

I'm going to be putting YOU in the game so that you can play along with me and 6 other Commanders each episode.

There are 8 teams, I will be Team 1 and then 7 of you will be given command of a custom troop.

Full details available in the video's description!

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AmericanPatriot Youtubers
1 month ago 881 views

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aaliyahholt 4 weeks ago

I even noticed I was not seeing as many ads as before. I hope YouTube fixes this and crack down on what can and can't be monetized.

AmericanPatriot 1 month ago

What is happening in the world of YT monetization!

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